Our Mission

FreightVerify is moving at an accelerated pace. We’re transforming the world’s most complex supply chains to bring unmatched visibility across global networks of suppliers, distributors and transportation partners.

We are a true end-to-end solution
for our customers

Who we are

FreightVerify is an Ann Arbor, Michigan technology company providing real-time visibility platform for complex supply chains. The company operates as a cloud-based Software as a Service Model (SaaS).

We’re in the visibility business

FreightVerify integrates with customers’ existing supply chains at the enterprise level and tracks everything in real-time for true end-to-end results – providing ETA prediction, on-time performance measurement, business intelligence, reporting, and analysis.

What we do

Provide all supply chain participants the definitive real-time visibility platform: any industry, product, geography, language for all locations, modes, pallets and parts/unit levels.