Consumer goods

An end-to-end visibility platform for consumer goods

Integrate, align and optimize your supplier, transportation and distribution networks to deliver a On-time/In-Full visibility across your entire supply chain.

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Transform your manufacturing and distribution processes

SKU-level warehouse visibility

Pinpoint visibility and insight across each warehouse’s operations.

Adhere to production schedules

Stay on schedule with minimal downtime through intelligent ETAs & delivery optimization.

Monitor and reduce dwell times

Efficient planning and what-if analysis reduces dwell times and excess costs.

Deliver on-time with confidence

Exceed delivery targets to optimize production with dynamic scheduling.

Predict your schedules

Deliver with confidence

Visualize delivery networks

Empower your distribution centers with real-time insights on inbound deliveries to streamline inventory and expedite turnarounds while leveraging predictive analytics to improve workflows and billing accuracy.

A visual of delivery networks

Aggregate time components

Schedule with confidence based on inputs such as transit times (single and multi-mode shipments), dwell times (stops along the route) and process times (port processing, customs).


End-to-end visibility

Real-time visibility across all modes and every participant in your network.

Ingests all data sources

Integrates 100% of IoT sensors and all transportation modes.

Real-time tracking

Track locations (real estate), modal levels (trucks, trains), conveyance (pallets, containers and totes) and products.

Prescriptive analytics

Machine learning model enables live dwell time analysis with customizable and ad hoc reporting.

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Partnering with GS1

Aligning our end-to-end visibility platform with GS1’s standards, the global language of business.