An end-to-end visibility platform for healthcare products

Simple, seamless location tracking for healthcare and medical device products. Never lose sight of your critical inventory, orders, or loans, again.

Dashboard showing tracking for healthcare

Real-time inventory visibility

Live inventory locations

Never lose track of the location and movement of all healthcare and medical device inventory with GPS, Bluetooth, and cellular technologies.

Alerts & notifications

Immediately actionable intelligence for supply orders or medical device loaner kits. Know sooner when movements deviate from the plan.

Day 1 value

Connect any legacy or existing software system or hardware tracking device to combine previously siloed information in a single view.

Total network visibility

An integrated platform for your healthcare assets

Geofence your medical facility, hospital or campus to understand and optimize the flow of materials in real-time

Geofence image of medical facility, hospital or campus

Find the mobile assets you need within the four walls of your healthcare facility, with the touch of your finger

Mobile assets at the touch of your finger

End-to-end visibility

True end-to-end, real-time visibility across all modes, suppliers, and distributors.

Extensible data model

Integrate with tens of thousands of data sources and scale to support the most complex operations.

Align your networks

Align and optimize your networks of suppliers, dealers, and transportation partners to lower costs.

Leverage AI/ML

Leverage “pinpoint accurate” predictions, reduce onsite inventory, and sell in-transit vehicles.

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