Commercial vehicles

An end-to-end visibility platform for the heavy manufacturing process

Integrate, align, and optimize your networks to reduce transportation costs, deliver AI-driven ETAs and lower your operating expenses.

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Align and optimize your manufacturing networks

Optimize your inventory

Reduce operating expenses by managing in-transit inventory and providing intelligent ETA's to your dealer networks.

Reduce transportation costs

Reduces unplanned, premium freight shipments and eliminating penalties, improving gross margin.

Slash dwell times

Increases accountability across your transportation partners, reducing dwell and enforcing SLAs.

Transform the delivery process

Integrate and align your dealer networks

Service and aftermarket parts networks

Give your service providers and aftermarket part distributors real-time insights and notifications on parts deliveries.

An image of FreightVerify application aligning dealer networks

Dealer networks

Equip your dealers with real-time insights on inbound finished vehicles, enabling them to manage inventory and buyer expectations.

An image showing the app tracking real-time insights on inbound finished vehicles

End-to-end visibility

True end-to-end, real-time visibility across all modes and every participant in your network.

Extensible data model

Integrate with tens of thousands of data sources and scale to support the most complex global operations.

Align your networks

Align and optimize your networks of suppliers, dealers, and transportation partners to lower costs.

Leverage AI/ML

Leverage “pinpoint accurate” predictions, reduce onsite inventory, and sell in-transit vehicles.

Get started right

Pick the starting point that’s right for you

FreightVerify provides flexible options that simplify supply chain optimization and planning without requiring extensive resources from IT or outside consultants.

Align your suppliers

Get an accurate real-time view of your supplier networks. Tens of thousands of vehicle suppliers are on the FreightVerify platform today!

An image showing accurate realtime view dashboard of supplier networks

Discover AI-driven ETAs

Sharpen the accuracy of your inbound finished vehicles, helping dealers manage their inventory and lower operating costs.

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FreightVerify transforms supplier, dealer, and transportation networks.

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