Real-Time Intelligence for Complex Supply Chains

FreightVerify provides predictive, real-time transportation visibility at every step of the supply chain. Our shipper-centric platform addresses challenges for large and complex enterprises through industry-defining intelligence. FreightVerify is trusted by the world’s top automotive manufacturers.

The FreightVerify Difference

FreightVerify wants to reinvent how the supply-chain thinks. We achieve this through unprecedented real-time visibility, cost-savings opportunities, and intelligence.

Our platform is available to all players across the logistics ecosystem.

We work with OEMs and their global supply chain base.

FreightVerify operates independently of carriers and 3PLs.

We have deep domain experience in logistics and IT.


Value to Shippers

Resources necessary to track production material through the supply chain.

Resources necessary to protect air charters, special team deliveries and production adjustments.

Inventory exists throughout the supply chain to support the production environment. Real-time visibility of shipments in transit and measurement leads to improvements.

Optimized location and modal assets management.

Real-time visibility, predictive analytics and performance metrics vastly reduce overall supply chain complexity.

Solving Today’s Biggest Supply-Chain Challenges

Fragmented information systems and sources that are unable to easily integrate critical data

Part, VIN and order-level tracking

Rack and returnable container management

Carrier and Service providers data integrity, compliance and performance

Multi-stop visibility for all modes

Acquiring critical data in an automated manner from many sources with independence from manual updates

Integrated performance reporting such as: dwell time, detention, and demurrage

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