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We're in the visibility business

We ingest extensive datasets from virtually all modes of transportation and all trackable assets around the globe.

Artificial intelligence & analytics

To deliver accurate predictions, reduce onsite inventory and drive efficiency.

The FreightVerify platform

The FreightVerify platform offers a full suite of visibility solutions for every element of your supply chain…and every node of your supplier, dealer/distribution and service networks. 

FreightVerify addresses the challenges facing some of the world’s most complex supply chains


Integrate and optimize data from your suppliers, carriers and dealers to make smarter decisions and run more efficiently. Leverage AI to streamline your manufacturing, reduce inventory costs and transform buying experiences.

Commercial vehicles

Transform your inventory planning while reducing dwell times and adhering to production schedules. Align and integrate your global supplier network while applying insights to ensure just-in-time deliveries.

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Aerospace & Defense

True end-to-end visibility provides logistics leaders with the ability to integrate, optimize and render predictions across their extended and global networks of suppliers, partners and collaborators.


Improve patient outcomes through multi-mode visibility, which drastically reduces lost shipments, eliminates sequestering of supplies by field staff and enhances tracking and optimization of loaner equipment.

Consumer goods

Supply chain transparency delivers On-Time In-Full (OTIF) visibility and compliance, reducing transportation costs and dwell times through enhanced tracking and delivery performance dashboards and insights.

Retail & apparel

Streamline and optimize your distribution centers while reducing excess inventory and stockouts, resulting in further cost reductions and eliminating delivery blind spots.

Oil & gas

Integrate thousands of data-sources across your global networks to determine optimal inventory level planning. Risk and regulatory analytics ensure compliance while unlocking opportunities for cost reduction and optimization.

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Distribution & Logistics

Align regional and global networks of transportation and warehouse service providers to optimize in-transit inventory and gain actionable insights, unlocking value added services and insights to shipper customers.

FreightVerify’s global scale

FreightVerify stands alone as the only real-time transportation visibility solution provider that consistently addresses the global challenges of the world’s most complex supply chains. Our numbers tell our story:


Annual Loads Tracked


Facilities Connected


TMS Integrations


Rail Providers


Connected Assets


ELD Integrations

We are a true (and proven)
end-to-end solution

FreightVerify delivers total visibility at the most precise level of detail available in the industry.  Every day around the world, thousands of supply chain, manufacturing, procurement and commercial professionals log into the FreightVerify platform for detailed content, unparalleled insights and the ability to monitor and optimize inventory at any hour of the day, around the world in real-time.

Who are we

FreightVerify is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan and delivers its platform as a multi-tenant software-as-service cloud-based solution.
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