Retail & apparel

An end-to-end visibility platform for retail and apparel

Integrate, align, and optimize your manufacturing and distribution networks to reduce expenses, eliminate stockouts, and increase omni channel fulfillment.

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Transform your retail and distribution processes

Improved workflows

Leverage data and machine learning to improve workflow and billing accuracy.

Just-in-time deliveries

Efficient planning and what-if analysis reduce dwell times and excess costs.

Exception alerts

Stay informed of carrier exceptions with real-time alerts and updates.

Lower inventory costs

Real-time visibility and measurement of in-transit inventory. 

Optimize your operations

Apply artificial intelligence

Make accurate predictions

Leverage the most advanced machine learning models to ingest data across your operations and deliver accurate predictions, live dwell time analysis, and streaming insights.

Dashboard showing accurate predictions, live dwell time analysis, and streaming insights

Anticipate the unexpected

Schedule confidently based on inputs such as transit times (single and multi-mode shipments), dwell times (stops along the route), and process times (port processing, customs, etc.).

Scheduling confidently using our dashboard

End-to-end visibility

Real-time visibility across all modes and every participant in your network.

Ingests all data sources

Integrates 100% of IoT sensors and all transportation modes.

Real-time tracking

Track locations (real estate), modal levels (trucks, trains), conveyance and products.

Prescriptive analytics

Machine learning model enables live dwell time analysis with customizable and ad hoc reporting.

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Partnering with GS1

Aligning our end-to-end visibility platform with GS1’s standards, the global language of business.