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Announces Alliance

with Data2Logistics

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February 23, 2023


“FreightVerify is excited to announce their alliance with Data2Logistics, as many of our clients have expressed their frustration taking on auditing processes in-house or using an ineffective provider,” said Greg Humes, Chief Commercial Officer of FreightVerify.


“We look forward to bringing first-rate solutions and services to organizations so that they can continue to make informed and efficient business decisions related to their supply chains.”


“We are pleased to partner with an industry leader like FreightVerify to help alleviate the growing pressures that global supply chains are facing,” said Dave Schembri, President & CEO at Data2Logistics. “Our alliance brings significant value to our clients with enhanced solutions and services, including the ability to view shipments in real time and accurately predict the arrival their shipments.” 

WE LOOK FORWARD TO OUR CALL in the next few days.


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